Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms (2nd edition)

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Behind the official story, there is also an alternative narrative. Newly revised Second Edition includes more images, captions and information!

"Future Esoteric" examines the metaphysical nature of reality & the story line of what is NOT being told
to the mass majority of people.


"Future Esoteric" has been awarded the top honor of "2013 Best Book" of the year, in the "Category of NEW AGE," issued by the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards!


Things are not as they appear. We live within a global banking, corporate, and media empire controlled by an elite few. Are their motives to provide the absolute best products and services to humankind? To be objective and truthful in their media reporting or in school curriculum? Can we believe everything, or more importantly not everything, the government tells us?

The term "esoteric" implies knowledge available to a select few. This book opens the door to the many mysteries of our world being withheld from us in the “official narrative,” but at what cost? What is lost when we are not fully informed in our current culture of secrecy? What is our true potential as humans? How will future generations view us at this pivotal moment in history?

There are so many tantalizing courses of study that could advance humanity to a new level, if only we were allowed open access to discover these subjects. From UFOs to free energy technology, from media manipulation to the secrets behind controlled information distribution, from attaining new super human abilities to the end of money, from understanding the meaning of crop circles to structures on other planets, these are the forbidden subjects, the unseen realms—the Future Esoteric.


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Future Esoteric cover
* Brad Olsen
* 416 Pages
* 978-1888729788
2nd EDITION released 4/2016
* Over 110 photos and images
Esoteric Series :: Book II

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 The Metaphysical Studies Shelf: "Future Esoteric""Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms" is organized into three sections (Secrets, Cosmos and Utopia) and comes from the magazine editor of World Explorer who here considers alternative views of traditional historical facts. Several new age theories are examined closely, from extraterrestrial influences to creatures like Bigfoot, and support the idea that the supernatural has operated in our world for centuries - and that advanced military technology has been used as experiments, with information given to humans by aliens. Any interested in the past, present and future of this idea will find Future Esoteric a powerful guide.  Brad Olsen :: CCC Publishing530 8th Ave. #6; San Francisco, CA 941189781888729467 :: $17.95 :: www.CCCPublishing.com THE REVIEW CAN BE SEEN HERE: http://www.midwestbookreview.com/calbw/may_13.htm

"Future Esoteric" named Best Book 2013 in the NEW AGE category

Future Esoteric has just been awarded the top honor of "Best Books 2013," in the "Category of NEW AGE," issued by the Pinnacle Book Awards!


"The truth is not just a casualty of war but of peace. The official narrative is controlled by an elite few to ensure that the real truth remains hidden within a culture of secrecy. We tend to live more in fear than in love, but California-based travel author turned conspiracy writer Brad Olsen hasn't given up on the belief that the truth will be revealed and that humanity can create a utopia based on love and compassion. 
"In Secrets, the first section of his book, Olsen covers the rise of the Fourth Reich in America, shadow governments, media manipulation, back-engineering of alien technology, space weapons, underground bases and more. Next, in Cosmos, he considers UFOs, antigravity, EBEs, Men in Black, crop circles, structures on other planets and yet more. In Utopia, he envisions an age of transparency, superhuman abilities, free-energy technologies, the end of money and the endgame of love. 
"Much of Olsen's focus is on hidden UFO agendas, and he wonders if WikiLeaks has a trump card yet to be released—maybe information from British hacker Gary McKinnon who discovered the existence of US Star Fleets capable of interstellar travel! 
"In Future Esoteric, Olsen reveals many pieces of the puzzle, explaining how we've been duped and what we can do about it. A courageous work that serves to set us free."
by Brad Olsen
Consortium of Collective Consciousness, San Francisco, 2013
ISBN 978-1-888729-46-7 (416pp tpb)

Foster Gamble of the movie "Thrive" reviews "Future Esoteric"

“Brad Olsen has done a vast amount of searching to come up with Future Esoteric, and putting it together coherently and beautifully, he has saved us all a ton of time just when we are running out of it. Dots are connected and threads knit together, revealing an intentional predicament and leading in the direction of practical, love-based solutions.” –Foster Gamble, "Thrive"