CCC Publishing Video Clips

These are video clips featuring or created by the authors of CCC Publishing. Click on any video to watch the clip described below. This is the beta version of a demo reel for a television show Brad Olsen wants to create on the subject of traveling to sacred places around the world. It is a roundup of many interesting worldwide sacred places.

CCC Publishing's segment begins just after 8:30. This Swedish television program called "Babel" is a show about books and authors. Most of this broadcast is in the Swedish language. The CCC Publishing interview pertains to the publication of our book "The Key to Solomon's Key," which was released before Dan Brown's next novel to be called "The Solomon Key." I doubt if it was planned, but one photo of Brad Olsen at San Francisco's nudist Baker Beach corresponds when his audio is cued up, If the book doesn't come out ... "We'll all be caught with our pants down!"


THE NEW ESOTERIC YOUTUBE CHANNEL LAUNCHES: Part 1 of 5 videos from the "Esoteric Series" book launch party for "Future Esoteric" just launched. Become a subscriber so you won't miss a lot more videos to come: Subscribe to the "Esoteric Series" YouTube videos BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.


BRAD OLSEN ON "BUZZSAW" 9/20/2013 WITH SEAN STONE AND TYREL VENTURA: Pyramids, aliens and information conspiracies are discussed with author Brad Olsen in his new book "Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms." After spending years traveling the world and writing travel books, Olsen turned his sights to the common mysteries he'd encountered and he discusses the link between energy and extraterrestrials found around the globe. From Nan Madol to mound sites in America and his own UFO sighting, we go down the rabbit hole with hosts Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone on Buzzsaw.