Frequently Asked Questions

Does CCC Publishing accept new book proposals? No. Currently all of our books are produced in-house or under the recommendation of our distributor or staff members. In the extremely competitive book market and very slim margins from sales we need to keep all our new titles in line with our business plan.

How long has CCC Publishing been in operation? We published our first book in 1995. It was the first edition of "World Stompers," printed at a local Kinkos as a manuscript for our traveling friends coming through the CCC warehouse. The first edition of 200 sold out in a month and Brad Olsen began pondering a career move into book publishing. He has been at it ever since ...

Had Brad Olsen ever been in publishing before? Yes. He was a published political cartoonist in high school and college. He was known for his biting sarcasm and wit. Brad Olsen published a newsletter while traveling around the world that he sent to his friends and family. Somehow one of his newsletters made it to David Letterman who read an excerpt on his show in 1993! He is also a professional illustrator and map maker. For much more on his artistic and publishing career, see

How many titles does CCC Publishing produce per year? Only one or two. We believe in quality not quantity and wish to produce only the very best publication we can before it goes to the printer!

Are CCC Publishing books also Ebooks? Yes. We sell fully linked PDF eBooks for most of our titles at 50% list price on this site. See our catalog for all our eBook titles. Kindle editions of our books are available through, or ePub versions are available for the Sony Reader and iPad.

Can we follow you on Facebook or Twitter? Yes. CCC Publishing loves social networking! Follow our daily updates on Facebook or Twitter, or search for us under the name "ccc.publishing"