Film Work by Brad Olsen

Voyage to Vinland

"Vinland" was the fabled settlement of the Greenland Vikings where grapes were reported to grow wild. This is the true story of Leif Ericson and his brother Thorvald and their discovery of the North American continent via Greenland. The story begins in 1831 when a large-framed man wearing a suit of armor was found buried near Fall River, MA. The famous poet Longfellow writes a poem about the unusual find and begins to dream about an unfolding drama. The rest of the film documents the heroics of the Ericson clan: from their time as colonists in Greenland to their adventures in North America in search of valuable natural resources. Click here to read the film treatment for Voyage to Vinland.



The Sacred Places Television Guide

As a lifelong world traveler with a special appreciation for spiritual sites there is an opportunity to visually relate the fascinating story of the many places that have shaped the spiritual landscape of humanity. Brad Olsen is working with a partner in LAl to develop a television series devoted to discovering the wide array of sacred places worldwide. We can email our proposal to interested parties upon request. From Angkor Wat to Zanzibar, the "Sacred Places Guide" will be the premier television series exploring the planet's most spiritually attuned locations. The proposal contains a dozen sample shows.


Ever Since the World Ended

This is Brad Olsen's first full length feature film with an acting role. It is the story of a colony of survivors in San Francisco a decade after a plague wiped out most of the world's population. Ever Since The World Ended is a character-driven "social science fiction" film about life after the end of the world. Twelve years after a devastating plague emptied the world of people, two San Francisco filmmakers traverse the nearly deserted City with a camera and a microphone. On a journey that will carry them far beyond the city limits and into the wilderness beyond, they begin to uncover the secrets of their new world. In a series of encounters and interviews with a handful of fellow survivors, they explore the harsh realities of life after civilization, revealing the day-to-day struggles for survival, the shifting moral imperatives, and the deep ideological rifts in a fledgling community trying to chart a way forward. Click here to read a movie review and links on how to purchase or rent the film.