How Weird Street Faire

a true 21st century street faire -- founded in 2000


The How Weird Street Faire was developed by Brad Olsen and several of his roomates at the CCC. They produced the first two events while the warehouse was still in operation on Howard Street.

The first annual How Weird Street Faire: EXPRESSION!
Many people participated, volunteered, and came out to celebrate the World Peace Through Technology Organization's first annual techno party in the streets of San Francisco. It was an event that truly went OFF, and only by the help of many people from the electronic dance community. We will do the How Weird Street Faire next year, and the year after that. Let this be a catalyst for real change in our personal lives, our neighborhood, nation, and precious blue-green planet. The trance community now has a voice, and it's time we flex our political muscle and make next year's event 10 times as big and better than this year's event.

The second annual How Weird Street Faire: EVICTION!
The Internet economic boom changed the face of San Francisco. As the center of the digital revolution, California's Bay Area was home to many computer and Internet companies that prospered in the late 1990's. That prosperity was fueled by Dot-Com speculation, expansion, and greed. More and more high paid workers entered the area. This created an atmosphere where landlords began charging outrageous rates because they could find people who at least on paper were wealthy, and it looked as if the economic boom would continue forever. Now the economy has turned the other way, but the housing and warehouse issues haven't. Artists and non-profits are still losing their spaces, individuals are still having a hard time making rent, and greed is still the law of the land.

The Consortium of Collective Consciousness (CCC) was an artist warehouse space. It was founded in February 1995 as an experiment in communal and creative living. It was the original home to the non-profit World Peace Through Technology Organization (WPTTO), as well as writers, artists and musicians. The landlord, taking advantage of the housing situation, attempted to increase the CCC's rent by nearly 300%, making the space financially unavailable. After a year of drawn-out legal battles, the CCC closed its doors on May 31, 2001 — ending over six years of amazing music, art, and events. As part of the How Weird Street Faire, the WPTTO's annual event, there was a tribute to the CCC and all the artist and non-profit spaces lost in San Francisco due to the economic boom ... whether by eviction or massive rent increases. We invited all members of art or non-profit spaces lost to come and pay tribute to their organization, by bringing flowers or other objects to place next to individual tombstones and memorials commemorating all the "dead" spaces — the victims of the last Dot-Com Gold Rush to hit San Francisco. The exhibit / performance will be in front of the historic CCC warehouse at 1559 Howard St.


The third annual How Weird Street Faire: ECSTASY!
Pulling ourselves up from the bootstraps after the CCC eviction we were able to pull off yet another amazing event! Again we had two music stages featuring live acts and world-class DJ's spinning funky sounds for dancing in the streets. Some of the local acts include Kode IV, Biodegradable, Waterjuice, and DJ's Vajra, Anon, Adam, KJ, and Lorin. There will also be speakers, including Craig Newmark of There will be a dazzling display of performance artists, including butoh, belly dance, circus arts, wandering musicians, the Extra Action Marching Band and elaborately costumed stilt walkers. Thank you for celebrating April 20th with us in all its weirdness. The How Weird Street Faire will begin and end with a Native American prayer for peace and unity, with a drum circle to finish.


The fourth annual How Weird Street Faire: EXPANSION!
Howard Street became "How Weird Street" once again as the 4th Annual How Weird Street Faire took place on Easter Sunday, April 20th, 2003, along four City streets, from the intersection of Howard and 12th Streets through San Francisco's SOMA district. Thanks to everyone who came out for such a great day! The event just keeps getting bigger and better each year! Want to stay in touch with the weirdness? Say If you have pictures or video (or links) to put on the site please contact See you next year! The How Weird Street Faire Volume 1 CD has been released! All local musicians and featuring many of the artists playing at this year's Faire... available at Ceiba Records in San Francisco and online..


The official website for the How Weird Street Faire can be found by clicking here.


sOMe pHOtOs FrOM aLL YeArS:

Stilt walkers in 2000.
2001: Death of the CCC.
A prayer circle for peace in 2002.
Over 5k people in 2003!
KJ lays down the beats!
Moondoggy kicking it in the Weird Garden.


J-Bone and crew in one bizarre performance!
Kode IV is the headliner every year.
The Space Cowboys bring out the Unimog.
Weird costumes are the norm -- not the exception!