Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms EBOOK

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Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms
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"Future Esoteric" examines the many tantalizing courses of study that could advance humanity to a new level, if only we were allowed open access to discover these subjects. From UFOs to free energy technology, from ET contact to the secrets behind controlled information distribution, from attaining new superhuman abilities to the end of money, from understanding the meaning of crop circles to structures on other planets, these are the many forbidden subjects, the unseen realmsthe Future Esoteric.


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Future-Esoteric-pdfBrad Olsen

416 pages

PDF eBook ISBN 13: 9781888729474

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X-Zone blurb

“A new book to shake the world of parapsychology and the paranormal.” –Rob McConnell, host of the X-Zone

A Fascinating Collection of All Things Esoteric

 December 23, 2012
By bohojobo
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In this fascinating compilation of underground information, Brad Olsen shares years of esoteric research in a clear, intuitive and thorough manner. All the bases are covered in this jam-packed book. We must take a hard look at the harsh reality of our current situation in order to heal our species and our planet. Part One, "Secrets," does just that. The depths of elite secrecy are exposed, from the hidden agendas of shadow governments, to underground bases, criminal conspiracies and more. Following an intuitive flow of information revelation, part two, "Cosmos," explores just how fantastic and weird this reality can be. Included are investigations into ET technology, UFO dynamics, evidence of multidimensional realities, weaponized space and more. Presuming that your brain hasn't yet exploded, part three, "Utopia," continues with solution-based material for our present world predicament. Discussions on clean and free energy, Tesla technology, spiritual science, pineal gland activation and metaphysical wonders leave the reader with an optimistic outlook, assured that we as a human race can overcome any and all obstacles we encounter. This illuminating book is highly recommended for both the neophyte and the veteran. In Truth, Peace and Infinite Love!