So This Is What a Paradigm Shift Looks Like! Making the Right Brain Shift by Karen Tate

So This is What a Paradigm Shift Looks Like!

Making the Right Brain Shift

It's becoming apparent, more people than ever before are talking about the Sacred Feminine. She's on the Hollywood screen. Barack Obama, knowingly or not, espouses planks of the Goddess Platform. Christians are embracing Mary Magdalene and Jesus as the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Feminism is equated with caring and equality. Going Green to save Mother Earth is hot. Faces of the Mother replace the Father in churches. Men are being called to adapt new archetypes rejecting aggression and domination. People are realizing thinking with our "right brain" just might save the world! Author and scholar, Karen Tate says we are living through the tipping points toward restoring ideals of the feminine consciousness.
So, why this shift? Who among us isn’t tired of witnessing how fear, greed and abuse of power is sending our world spiraling out of control? Who isn't ashamed to see what passes for the norm and how our ideals are being diminished? Aren’t you tired of too few sane voices emerging from the abyss to be our guiding light? People are frustrated with of our institutions and leaders failing us and being part of the problem as they are immersed in scandals, lies, and corruption. We are tired of the needs of the few being served above the needs of the many. Where are the guideposts and benchmarks that help us steer a healthy course? The Great She has been there all along - and she's stretching, yawning, ready to awake and offer a new road map.
Everything old is new again. Whether you embrace Goddess as deity or ideal, as archetype or metaphor, the Sacred Feminine, restored to her rightful throne, is one answer, one method, one vehicle that might change the face of the world. Why Goddess? Why Goddess now? What has denying a feminine face of god cost humanity? What are the tipping points we're witnessing heralding her rebirth? Are you ready to be a part of the paradigm shift? We are the future of the world and we must step up, empower ourselves and claim our voices now.
Learn how.
Karen is speaking at various venues in March and April in Southern California in celebration of Women's History Month. Contact her at for more information.
Karen Tate, award winning author, speaker, radio show host and sacred tour leader is the author of Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth,a finalist in the National Best Books of 2008 Awards and Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations, detailing the prevalence of Goddess around the world, how to get to these sacred sites, including suggestions for a California/West Coast pilgrimage to holy places of the Sacred Feminine. Both books have been endorsed by the Joseph Campbell Foundation. Karen's weekly radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine, airs 6PM PST Wednesday nites. For more information, go to ###