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"CCC" stands for "Consortium of Collective Consciousness," named after a former artist space in San Francisco, CA. And while the CCC warehouse closed in 2001, the book publishing operation continues away from "How Weird" Street. CCCP publishes the popular travel series: Sacred Places: 108 Destinations. The series includes North America, Goddess, Europe and Around the World, with several more in the works! We also publish the widely popular World Stompers: A Global Travel Manifesto, now in its fifth edition, and the travel anthology In Search of Adventure: A Wild Travel Anthology. The Key to Solomon's Key is back in a fully revised second edition, and has been translated in four languages. New in 2010 is the Poetry Oracle and the Tribes of Burning Man. Please click on the "Catalog" link for a description of all our book titles.

Note to Retailers: Our discount schedule is 30% on quantities under 30, with free shipping. You can mix and match any selection of books from our catalog. Our pricing is 42% discount on quantities of 31+, and for each 31 you order, we'll send you the 32nd book absolutely FREE. To establish an account on a first sale, please send a check and quantity ordered to: CCC Publishing, 530 8th Avenue #6, San Francisco, CA 94118; phone: (415) 933-8132; or order online right now with a 40% discount (plus shipping) from this site.

CCC Publishing is exclusively distributed worldwide to the book trade by Independent Publishers Group (800) 888-4741 IPG Book Distributor