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Your Spiritual Passport to Europe

The European continent features some of the original landscapes where humans erected their monuments devoted to the sacred. This guide to European holy sites examines the most significant locations that shaped the religious consciousness of Western civilization. Sacred Places Europe takes the reader far and wide, from Avebury to Wittenberg, to all corners of the continent. This travel guide examines the megaliths, mountains, sanctuaries, shrines, and maps the pilgrimage routes long venerated by our ancestors. Readers of all ages will marvel to the discovery of 108 meaningful sacred European destinations.


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Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations

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Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations  Brad Olsen

  320 Pages

  Dozens of custom maps

  Includes 16 color insert pages

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Europe Insight

SACRED PLACES EUROPE by Brad Olsen, the fourth book published by CCC Publishing in their 108 destinations travel series, an insightful guide to the world's unique spiritual treasures, with photos and maps.
--ENTREE (Nov. 2007)

Off the Beaten European Track

If you're planning a European trip that takes you off the beaten path and into a more spiritual realm, don't miss this book.
--DAILY ADVERTISER (August, 2007)

Seasoned Traveler

Brad Olsen is a man who wears many hats -- publisher, writer, photographer, producer and artist. He's also a seasoned world traveler and author of the new book Sacred Places Europe, the latest title in CCC's series of travel guides focusing on spiritual journeys. Brad researched and wrote the book, and also provided all the photos and maps that appear throughout. Oh yeah, did we mention he dabbles in cartography too? His strong interests in history, culture, spirituality and humanity have lead Brad down a career path full of creative pursuits and plenty of travel.
--GADLING (July, 2007)