Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations

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A Journey Into the Divine Feminine: 

Discover Worldwide Goddess Worship Sites!


This comprehensive guide escorts the reader on a pilgrimage that reawakens, rethinks, and reveals the Divine Feminine in a multitude of sacred locations on every continent. Goddess expert Karen Tate takes her audience on a journey of discovery from the Indus Valley, to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, the Americas and beyond, introducing the feminine face of God, sometimes forgotten for centuries or repressed. Visit shrines, springs, temples, yoni stones, archaeological sites, museums and labyrinths. Examine the spectrum of evidence as the author clarifies mythologies, and documents the long history of Goddess reverence in many cultures. Tate outlines worldwide locations devoted to Goddess worship, from the moment self-awareness crept into the collective spirits of our ancestors, to the living traditions of Goddess practitioners today.



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Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations

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Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 DestinationsRev. Karen Tate

424 Pages

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As Before ... Same as Today

Goddess veneration works to restore a balance that Tate writes existed thousands of years ago. "In the beginning, God was a woman, and from her womb she created all that is; thus she is all things and all things are her. That was true 30,000 years ago, and for millions it is still true today," she writes in her book. Sacred Places of Goddess starts in Europe and Asia Minor and moves through the world to the Americas. Tate chose sites based on their historical, spiritual and cultural significance or for their physical richness. The book is a user-friendly guide that provides background information on a site's ancient or new importance. Some sections have warnings about deterioration at some sites; these are called "Gaia alerts," after the Greek goddess personifying Earth. Some associations are expected, Cyprus with Aphrodite, the Parthenon with Athena and Egypt with Isis. Others are sites where Christianity, Judaism or Islam has long overtaken pagan worship and the divine feminine has been absorbed or supplanted by those traditions." --Los Angeles Times

Bring the past present

An intensive guide that gifts one with the discovery and appreciation of Goddess on levels that far surpass statue worshipping. Visit places that have molded the Earth. Places that continue to expand horizons. Taste the culture that delineates Goddess herself... a pictorial presentation of the mind. --LALLOUZ

Herstory revealed

"A goldmine of information, spanning thousands of years of herstory and encompassing the entire globe." Sarah Zahorchak -- Spirit Side Magazine

practical goddess advice

Author Karen Tate has amassed an extraordinary amount of colorful and practical information on 108 sacred places that have as their focus, The Divine Feminine, the Goddess in her many forms. With Karen as your guide you will not only understand how to get to your destination, but you will be armed with extensive historical, archaeological and religious facts that will enrich your traveling experience. The more commonly known sites such as those in England, France, Greece, Malta and Turkey are covered but many lesser known sites such as "the ancient city of Leptis Magna" in Libya that has intact temples dedicated to Cybele and Artemis are also covered. Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, South America, the West Indies, Mexico and North America are all included in this ground breaking new work from Karen Tate. -- Reviewed by Jennifer Reif, author of Mysteries of Demeter; Rebirth of the Pagan Way, The Magical Crone; Celebrating the Wisdom of Later Life, Morgan Le Fay's Book of Spells and Wiccan Rites and Aphrodite's Riddle.

new view on an ancient rite

This book is not the usual archaeology offering on the subject. It is a combination of that and a travel guide as well -- so you not only learn the historic and mythological background on the various ancient sites, but are supplied with current information on how to get there. The coverage is impressive. Karen even briefly mentions the ruined shrine of Astarte in Lebanon which is the ancient source of the pre-Christian (Canaanite) Holy Grail legend according to anthropologist Jessee Weston...forgotten by the New Pagans of America and Europe. Hopefully Karen's book will go through several updates....and continue to be carried along on sacred grand tours for years to come."--Poke Runyon, Producer of Rites of Magick, Author, Founder of Ordo Templi Astartes

Mother Nature mainstream?

We keep hearing that Paganism is going mainstream as regular people show increasing concern for Mother Nature. SP of Goddess is an example of this mainstreaming. It's on the travel shelves, which means that ordinary travelers can pick it up and be inspired to travel to sites that commemorate the Goddess. Before you book your next flight, consult this book! You'll be glad you did." Barbara Ardinger, Sagewoman Magazine

CIIS Recommended

"I am reading it in fascination before I give it to the Women's Spirituality Library. An enlightening book that will help seekers find our mothers. I consider it very helpful for my own research in Italy, France, and Spain and I'll put this book on my reading list for my Fall course at CIIS." Prof. Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, CA Institute of Integral Studies, Program in Women's Spirituality

Worldwide Goddess Sites

This is truly a magnificent book! In 400 pages, Karen Tate explores places of the Goddess and Divine traditions of the Female from all over the world ...This is a book to dip into with much joy and celebration...Within such a broad framework, Karen manages to give a surprising in-depth treatment of the places, with well-researched knowledge of the history and meaning and mythology of the sites and general details of how to get to them. -- Goddess Alive