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This comprehensive guide escorts the reader on a pilgrimage that reawakens, rethinks, and reveals the Divine Feminine in a multitude of sacred locations on every continent. And in handy PDF format, its ready to download!

Goddess expert Karen Tate takes her audience on a journey of discovery from the Indus Valley, to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, the Americas and beyond, introducing the feminine face of God, sometimes forgotten for centuries or repressed. Visit shrines, springs, temples, yoni stones, archaeological sites, museums and labyrinths. Examine the spectrum of evidence as the author clarifies mythologies, and documents the long history of Goddess reverence in many cultures. Tate outlines worldwide locations devoted to Goddess worship, from the moment self-awareness crept into the collective spirits of our ancestors, to the living traditions of Goddess practitioners today.



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Sacred Places of Goddess eBookRev. Karen Tate

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A book that'll fulfill that missing piece for the Mother in you

Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations is part of a series of books put out by CCC Publishing, a company dedicated to publishing books on spirituality and enlightenment. This 108 Destinations book highlights the sacred feminine places of worship around the world. Just one of the many things that makes Sacred Places of Goddess unique is that it is the only Destinations book written by a woman, author Karen Tate. Karen Tate is an ordained minister within the International Fellowship of Isis and along with her husband is the caretaker for the Isis Temple of Thanksgiving in California. This makes her not only uniquely qualified to write this book, but also turns the book into a work of passion rather than just a list of facts. Whether you are looking into reading this book because you worship Goddess, or because you love mythology of female deities‚ there is much here to catch your attention, give you new information, and peak your sense of wonder. The book itself is divided up geographically; first by continent, then by country or province within the continent. A 'sacred place' can be a place of worship, gathering place, place of miracle, or any-where that a Goddess is associated with. Obviously some continents and countries have more Sacred Places than others. In Europe (especially Greece and Italy) and Africa it is very easy to find homages to ancient (and not so ancient) Goddesses. It takes a little more digging to do so in North America -- but thanks to the Native Americans, Mayans, and others -- there are plenty of places in the Western hemisphere as well. Each continent is further broken down into countries, then focuses on a specific Goddess or Temple(s) in the area. Tate gives us a look at the Goddess being worshipped, why the area is sacred, the history behind the area, and any other interesting facts about the destination. She also includes directions to each destination, appropriate offerings to bring, and offers tips on clothing, time of day to visit and anything else that might be helpful to a first time visitor to the area. There are also sections throughout the book called "Goddess Focus." This is a more detailed description of each Goddess that has a temple (or many temples) throughout the book. They are meant to bring a better understanding of the people, ideas, and practices that are associated with each Goddess. Other sections are called "Gaia Alerts." Gaia is the Mother Earth, or Goddess of the Earth, so these alerts focus on the environment. Specifically, they focus on places and things that are in danger due to mankind's negligence. There are beautiful photographs of art; sculptures, temples, paintings, pottery, etc. My only wish is that more of them could have been in color. The author provides an extensive Bibliography and Recommended Reading list. There is also a glossary of Goddess names and a full index. One thing I would like to see (in a next edition maybe?) is a cross referencing of the Goddess glossary with pages that list all of her temples. You can do this by looking in the index for now. --BELLA ONLINE

Inspiration to Travel!

"Reading this material leaves me aching to visit soon. But before taking off to these exotic locations she reminds us that some of these sites are in our own backyard. I encourage this book for oneself or to purchase as a gift" --WOMEN'S HERITAGE PROJECT

A Reader Review:

"(Reading) Sacred Places of Goddess is like stepping into these sacred sites yourself. You can see what Karen is describing. To stand on the ancient ruins of Delphi, or the riverside temple of Oshun, The Sanctuary of the Goddess Temple of Orange County, comes alive from Rev. Karen Tate's writing. I highly recommend this book." Annitra Ravenmoon, Long Beach, CA

About Author Karen Tate:

Karen is an independent scholar of the Sacred Feminine, ordained minister, prolific writer, speaker, and sacred tour organiser. Having traveled across more than five continents, her first book, Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations details the history of Goddess spirituality in cultures across the globe from ancient to contemporary times. She is the co-founder of Sacred Sundays, interfaith services based on the Sacred Feminine and complemented by the Divine Masculine. Her internet radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine, airs weekly. She further ministers the community as the Media Director of Temple of the Goddess, Pasadena, CA and continues the work of The Isis Ancient Cultures Society, an educational non-profit founded by Tate and dedicated to the ideals of partnership. She is regularly called upon to be a guest minister to congregations and she gives frequent interviews on radio, television and in print media. She is very active in programs in and around Los Angeles, where she lives. For more information go to her website at