Sacred Places North America: 108 Destinations EBOOK

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Sacred Places North America 2nd edition, eBook
World traveler Brad Olsen has compiled a field guide that documents 108 destinations across the continent. He takes the reader to spots known for "feeling the energy," or those related to our spiritual or historical roots. Pilgrimage is one way we can find ourselves and this book will provide a guide.

This eBook was released in conjunction with the print release of "Sacred Places North America 2nd Edition." The print version won the Gold award for "Best Travel Guide for Planet Earth" by the Bay Area Travel Writers in 2/2010. In this handy PDF format, it is ready to assist in your explorations of North America!
The second edition contains over a hundred more pages, 16 color insert pages, 39 maps, new images and updated motorist directions




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Sacred Places North America 2nd Edition eBookBrad Olsen

408 Pages
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2nd edition contains 16 color insert pages

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Wonderful Travel

An interesting book for both the armchair and the adventurous traveler, this (book) is recommended. --LIBRARY JOURNAL (2003)

Mapping the Obscure

Olsen maps out obscure destinations brimming with intrigue and history, places where you will not have to fight thousands of tourists. You'll find lots of maps, drawings and photos. It's a travel guide for the individualist. --ASHLEY TRIBUNE