In Search of Adventure: A Wild Travel Anthology EBOOK

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This epic collection of 100 travelers' tales celebrates the wild side of contemporary travel writing -- revealing, humorous, sometimes naughty stories by acclaimed authors. And in handy PDF format, you are ready to search for adventure!

"In Search of Adventure" features the roving prose of Simon Winchester, Tim Cahill, Marybeth Bond, Jeff Greenwald, Robert Young Pelton, Richard Bangs, Phil Trupp, Paul McHugh, Don George and Linda Watanabe McFerrin and complemented by an eclectic gathering of characters including an Indian guru, a rock-n-roll Hall of Famer, a Manhattan horse-drawn carriage driver, a comedian, a shrink, a career surfer, a few actors and an anonymous, best-selling bad boy.


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In Search of Adventure eBookBruce Northam and Brad Olsen

465 Pages
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A New Breed of Travel Anthologys

"You don't have to read a traditional guidebook to gain an understanding of a destination. This compilation of 100 eclectic essays takes readers into the hearts and minds of the authors and the destinations in which their adventures take place. Whether clients are headed to Bhutan or their favorite chair, they will be entertained, enlightened and sometimes shocked by these honest slices of life on the road." --TRAVEL WEEKLY

Roughing It:

The rough-and-ready contributors to In Search of Adventure: A Wild Travel Anthology, compiled by Bruce Northam and Brad Olsen (CCC Publishing, $17.95) would probably eat their luggage before they'd pack a velvet tea gown or shooting tweeds. If they have luggage at all -- this is the crowd that travels with a toothbrush, a pair of jeans and a passport. They're an eclectic crew of adventurers and hippies; the most far out of them has to be Mur (no other name given), "one of the original intercontinental overland hippies" who renounced his American citizenship "to become an Earth man." Other contributors, including Simon Winchester (The Professor and the Madman) and Tim Cahill (Jaguars Ripped My Flesh), will be more familiar to mainstream readers." --WASHINGTON POST

A New Kind of Travel Anthology

The editors had the courage to embark on this border-crossing adventure in publishing and lived to bring back a collection of extraordinary memories, memories that conjure our own most moving journeys and make us hunger for more." --SALON