World Stompers: A Global Travel Manifesto (5th edition)

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Travel the Planet on Your Own Terms!

The 5th EDITION is packed with learned-the-hard way essential tips! This is a travel guide to assist and motivate young readers in their quest to travel the world. It is written to inform the curious mind that the planet is wide open for exploration. World Stompers seeks to clear up misconceptions about traveling, candidly portray how travelers are interacting with different cultures of the world, and show how very rewarding the entire experience can be. World Stompers will lay a foundation for young people to take responsibility for themselves, budget their money, and set out on a voyage that will be remembered for a lifetime.



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World Stompers: A Global Travel Manifesto

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World Stompers: A Global Travel ManifestoBrad Olsen

288 Pages

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A Tool for your Extensive Trip:

The unique & indispensable start-up kit & practical guide to lo-budget, hi-res planetary mobility for the new breed of world cybercitizen. Unlike other 'travel guides' this book doesn't tell you where to go, but instead lets you know how to get ready so you can keep going once you've gotten there. Written by a guy who's really gone himself, Brad Olsen‚ the innovator behind the popular new cyber-hostel site, Log on, read up, Stomp forth! --Dan Joy, Author of Better Sex Through Chemistry, and the introduction to the Psychedelics Encyclopedia, 3rd. Edition

"More Bang for your Travel Buck"

If you're a young person and you like to travel and you are on a limited budget, we're going to tell you how to get more bang for your travel buck. Factual, accurate information that would help people. The background information you need, and then the information when you get there, it's all in World Stompers. New, bright, different, amusing and fun to read. The insights and the information that you give is accurate, is up to date because you've been there and done that. --Roy Leonard, WGN Radio

A Young Person's Travel Guide:

Twentysomethings, especially those who would really hate to be known by that moniker, will love this irreverent, low-gloss guide that intersperses witty cartoons & quotes from such wise sages as Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island with advice on how to crash for little cash; health tips; & detailed realistic descriptions of work possibilities abroad. --Bookpaper

Oliver Stone recommends:

Travel can be a nightmare when you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. This subversive masterpiece of travel writing might just save your sanity the next time you go out there. Get it. It makes life fun! --Oliver Stone, film director