World Stompers: A Global Travel Manifesto EBOOK

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The 5th EDITION is packed with learned-the-hard way essentials! This is a travel guide to assist and motivate young readers in their quest to travel the world. And in handy PDF format, its ready to stomp!

It is written to inform the curious mind that the planet is wide open for exploration. "World Stompers" seeks to clear up misconceptions about traveling, candidly portray how travelers are interacting with different cultures of the world, and show how very rewarding the entire experience can be. "World Stompers" will lay a foundation for young people to take responsibility for themselves, budget their money, and set out on a voyage that will be remembered for a lifetime.



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World Stompers: A Global Travel Manifesto eBookBrad Olsen

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A testimonial to a life of travel

Your "World Stompers" book was what gave me the courage to start traveling independently in the first place. It has been off to the races ever since.
My latest adventure was 12 days solo on a dirt bike in Cambodia. Check it out and enjoy!
--Todd Moehling

Thanks again for a life-changing book

"I discovered this book when I was a junior in college and it hit me like an atom bomb. The adrenaline-gushing prose and illustrations told of an epic adventure I had been unconsciously longing for my entire life. It convinced me to get out and see the world while I still could. It also offered practical blueprints on how to save money and plan to make your travel dreams actually happen.

I decided to follow the advice in "World Stompers," and within a year... I packed my bags and left the USA for a high-paying overseas job and saved like mad for a 2-year backpacking adventure around the planet.

The gutsy, tell-it-like-it-is style reflects what actually goes down on the backpacker's trail... and it probably won't appeal to conservative sticklers or cautious librarian types.

But if you enjoy epic adventure stories like Jack Kerouac's "On the Road," or movies like "Endless Summer" or "Into the Wild" - you will get a major rush from reading "World Stompers." It's a true, underground cult classic. Get this book!

I would have probably NEVER traveled nor had 1/10th of the amazing experiences in my life that I have had since reading it. I can't thank you enough (for writing this book) - what a long strange trip!"

-Brett Borders

Catching the Travel Bug with World Stompers

"You (and everyone else) can buy collegiate travel guides written by virgin-rovers. Or, you can use "World Stompers" and enter the mind of an author who is no stranger to hitching, bargaining, learning, teaching, partying, surviving, thriving, mugging or hugging. In distant lands."--Bruce Northam, Author, Globetrotter Dogma

Travel Advice on 'Roids ...

"Overloaded with advice of all kinds for young travelers. It is a wild and free treatise on having fun worldwide." --TRAVELWRITER MARKETLETTER