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CCC Publishing features four titles in the travel series “Sacred Places: 108 Destinations.” Several of our classic travel books are also available, such as “World Stompers” which gives a unique perspective on independent travel around the world. The debut of CCC Publishing Media introduced audio books for “Modern Esoteric” and “Future Esoteric” available on Audible.

In 2022, CCC Publishing welcomed two new authors. Michael Jaco has two books published with CCC Publishing, and Laura Eisenhower’s first book “Awakening the Truth Frequency” was just released. These titles on the heels of the widly-popular “Esoteric Series” of books by Brad Olsen. “Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms” won the gold prize Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the category of “New Age” shortly after its release. The second title, “Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses” also won the same Pinnacle Award. Moreover, “Modern Esoteric” won the 2014 American Graphic Design Awards top prize for best book design. Brad Olsen’s third book in the Esoteric Series “Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet” was released to great reviews.

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Awakening the Truth Frequency: Into the Unified Field

$19.95 $16.95

By Laura Eisenhower If you aren’t living your most authentic self, you can’t realize universal and personal truth. If we compromise and waver in our integrity, how on Earth will we successfully navigate life or our relationships?  We become vulnerable to distortions and imbalances that attract archonic attachments and AI signals, that keep us in a lower existence of reality. We have lost touch with our connection to our higher mind and intuitive abilities and its integration into our daily life.  The quickest way to heal is for Awakening the Truth Frequency to embody our highest self.  Our bodies thrive in this energy, not the distortions or programs.  And now more than ever before, we live in times when our energies are supported by spiritual forces like never before. We must be humble enough to allow this alignment and let go of the ego attachments about what other people think, and not be afraid to admit where we have been misled. Claiming our truth eases our journey Into the Unified Field.



Awakening of a Warrior: Past Lives of a Navy SEAL Remembered

$24.95 $19.95

By Michael Jaco Michael Jaco’s past life autobiography is unlike any other. It travels back through the great wars in ancient India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It is an epic and thrilling story of kings and generals, philosophers and religious leaders. It is an autobiography of his being, as it has reincarnated into many lives throughout history. Numerous great thinkers have believed in the transmigration of the soul. General George Patton, Gandhi, Henry Ford, the Dalai Lama, all discussed memories of, or beliefs in, having past lives. The great philosophers Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and even Saint Augustine believed in the rebirth of the soul. Awakening of a Warrior is the result of Jaco’s investigation—his treasure hunt—into the lifetimes he experienced before the present. Included are his lives as King Abimelech of Gerar, who allied with Abraham in the creation of a new religion called Judaism; Cyrus the Great, who unified all of Persia and implemented Zoroastrianism as the state religion; and Marcus Furius Camillus, who came to be considered the second founder of Rome.

Intuitive Warrior: Lessons From A Navy SEAL On Unleashing Your Hidden Potential

$16.95 $15.95

From conflicts in Panama to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Navy SEAL Michael Jaco has employed his powers of perception and awareness to save his own life and those of his fellow SEALs. In The Intuitive Warrior, Michael Jaco recounts the mentally and physically demanding training required of members of one of the most elite Special Forces units, the SEAL Team Six, and how the intuition developed during that training can be learned and applied by anyone.

Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet

$19.95 $18.95

By Brad Olsen Nothing in this world works the way we are led to believe it does—there is always more to the story. Be aware that there is a war being waged for our body, mind and soul. Owners of corporations have taken over governments in a new form of Fascism that now incorporates high technology and artificial intelligence. The survival of the human race may depend on breaking the Truth Embargo, that is, exposing the Big Lie (the Fascist style takeover) and collectively developing an ÜberMind. Everything we think we know about the universe and the planet in which we live, whatever we have been led to believe concerning the course of human history, could very well be completely wrong or, at best, contain distorted facts and disinformation. The 19th century teachers of the occult could never have imagined this kind of critical need for Escaping Prison Planet in the 21st century—one that extends far Beyond Esoteric.

The Invisible Master: The Puppeteers Hidden Power

$17.95 $16.95

By Leo Lyon Zagami Who are the Unknown Superiors … the Secret Chiefs … the Invisible Masters who have guided Freemasonry and other secret societies? What is the Illuminati and the various power groups associated with them? For the first time in history, Zagami gives us access to these secrets, and presents an opportunity to understand our alien reality and its true implications for humanity. In the months and years to come, information unveiled in this revolutionary work will become increasingly evident.

Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican

$17.95 $16.95

By Leo Lyon Zagami Just when you thought you knew everything about the Illuminati Network in the first two volumes of Leo Zagami’s groundbreaking Confessions of an Illuminati Series, the revelations are deeper and even more twisted in Volume III. Zagami pushes the boundaries once again with this unique and personal journey into the mysteries of the secretive world of the Dark Cabal. In the third book of his acclaimed Confessions series, Zagami explores a variety of cryptic topics that are always verified with documentation.

Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses (2nd Edition)

$17.95 $16.95

By Brad Olsen In this age of mass deception, truth seekers must look beyond the current established models of information dissemination. The term “esoteric” implies knowledge available to a select few. Those who venture deep into the annals of history in search of answers to life’s eternal questions comprise the ranks of the modern mystery schools, or those who seek to understand the forbidden subjects beyond our senses. “The truth is not just a casualty of war but of peace. The official narrative is controlled by an elite few to ensure that the real truth remains hidden within a culture of secrecy. We tend to live more in fear than in love, but California-based travel author turned conspiracy writer Brad Olsen hasn’t given up on the belief that the truth will be revealed and that humanity can create a utopia based on love and compassion. ” –Nexus

Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms (2nd Edition)

$17.95 $15.97

By Brad Olsen Things are not as they appear. We live in a global banking, corporate, and media empire controlled by an elite few. Are their motives to provide the absolute best products and services to humankind? To be objective and truthful in their media reporting or in the school curriculum? Can we believe everything, or more importantly not everything, the government tells us? “Future Esoteric” examines the metaphysical nature of reality & the storyline of what is NOT being told to the mass majority of people. “Future Esoteric” has been awarded the top honor of “2013 Best Book” of the year, in the “Category of NEW AGE,” issued by the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards!

Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume II: The Time of Revelation and Tribulation Leading up to 2020

$17.95 $16.95

By Leo Lyon Zagami Leo Zagami continues his masterful thesis of his former life within the Illuminati, “confessing” both his own role, and by digging deeper to expose the players and their control grid. He outlines the Satanic infiltration of Freemasonry, pointing out the generational aspect of the bloodline families. The Confessions of an Illuminati narrative in Volume II is projected to the reality of today, including the occult maneuvers behind the New World Order. We need to wake up beyond our current belief systems because the “controllers” of the New World Order are moving fast using the “Prophecies” to their advantage to implement their evil plan by 2020 when World War III will finally break loose.

Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume I: The Whole Truth About the New World Order (2nd Edition)

$17.95 $16.95

By Leo Lyon Zagami Released in English for the first time by secret society insider and author Leo Zagami, this ground-breaking book presents internal documents, confidential rituals, secret fraternal rites, and a unique perspective on global events that expose a web of deceit and total world control. His book contends that the presence of numerous Illuminati brotherhoods and secret societies—just like the prestigious Yale University’s Skull & Bones—have always been guides to the occult. From the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.)’s infiltration of Freemasonry to the real Priory of Sion, this book exposes the hidden structure of the New World Order and the occult practices of the various groups involved within it, including their connections to Aleister Crowley, malevolent ETs, the intelligence community and the infamous Ur-Lodges.

Pope Francis: The Last Pope? Money, Masons and Occultism in the Decline of the Catholic Church

$16.95 $13.97

By Leo Lyon Zagami The last Pope narrative regained importance with the historical abdication of Pope Benedict XVI in February 2013. His resignation led to the surprising election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the first Jesuit pope in history. It’s very unusual to have two popes living in the Vatican at the same time. What’s more, Pope Francis fits the profile of one whom many have prophesied to be the last, and who will oversee the final transformation and destruction of the Catholic Church.

Key to Solomon’s Key: Is This the Lost Symbol of Masonry? (2nd Edition)

$16.95 $15.95

By Lon Milo DuQuette The popularity of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code has ignited an explosion of public interest in Freemasonry and the role this ancient and secretive fraternity has played in the untold history of Western civilization. What (if any) is Masonry’s connection to the intrigues of the Knights Templar — the crusading order of military monks condemned for heresy and sorcery in the 14th century? Did the Templars, as so many modern commentators are suggesting, really possess a secret so astonishing that it threatened the very existence of the Church of Rome, and the monarchies of Europe whose power rested upon the “Divine Right of Kings?” “The purpose of Masonry’s veneration of Solomon is not to advance an alternate view of history, but to present, however subtly, the archetype of the future human being — men and women who truly possess Solomon’s Key — the power to master our own demons and redirect their destructive energy to build the Temple of our own evolving soul.” –Lon Milo DuQuette

Sacred Places North America: 108 Destinations (2nd Edition)

$19.95 $17.95

By Brad Olsen This comprehensive travel guide examines North America’s most sacred sites for spiritually attuned explorers. Important archaeological, geological, and historical destinations from coast to coast are exhaustively examined, from the weathered pueblos of the American Southwest and the medicine wheels of western Canada to Graceland and the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. Histories and cultural contexts are objectively surveyed, along with the latest academic theories and insightful metaphysical ruminations. Detailed maps, drawings, and updated travel directions are also included in the second edition.

Sacred Places Around the World: 108 Destinations (2nd Edition)

$17.95 $16.95

By Brad Olsen World travelers and armchair tourists who want to explore the mythology and archaeology of the ruins, sanctuaries, mountains, lost cities, and temples of ancient civilizations will find this guide ideal. Detailed here are the monuments and sites where ancient peoples once gathered to perform sacred rituals and ceremonies to worship various gods and to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Important archaeological, historical, and geological destinations worldwide are profiled, from the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Forbidden City in China to the Temples of Angkor in Cambodia and Mount Shasta in California. Sites are described in historical and cultural context, and practical contemporary travel information is provided, including detailed maps, drawings, photographs, and travel directions.

Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations

$19.95 $15.97

By Karen Tate This comprehensive guide escorts the reader on a pilgrimage that reawakens, rethinks, and reveals the Divine Feminine in a multitude of sacred locations on every continent. Goddess expert Karen Tate takes her audience on a journey of discovery from the Indus Valley, to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, the Americas and beyond, introducing the feminine face of God, sometimes forgotten for centuries or repressed. Visit shrines, springs, temples, yoni stones, archaeological sites, museums and labyrinths. Examine the spectrum of evidence as the author clarifies mythologies, and documents the long history of Goddess reverence in many cultures. Tate outlines worldwide locations devoted to Goddess worship, from the moment self-awareness crept into the collective spirits of our ancestors, to the living traditions of Goddess practitioners today.

Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations

$19.95 $15.97

By Brad Olsen The European continent features some of the original landscapes where humans erected their monuments devoted to the sacred. This guide to European holy sites examines the most significant locations that shaped the religious consciousness of Western civilization. Sacred Places Europe takes the reader far and wide, from Avebury to Wittenberg, to all corners of the continent. This travel guide examines the megaliths, mountains, sanctuaries, shrines, and maps the pilgrimage routes long venerated by our ancestors. Readers of all ages will marvel to the discovery of 108 meaningful sacred European destinations.

World Stompers: A Global Travel Manifesto (5th Edition)

$17.95 $13.47

By Brad Olsen The 5th EDITION is packed with learned-the-hard way essential tips! This is a travel guide to assist and motivate young readers in their quest to travel the world. It is written to inform the curious mind that the planet is wide open for exploration. World Stompers seeks to clear up misconceptions about traveling, candidly portray how travelers are interacting with different cultures of the world, and show how very rewarding the entire experience can be. World Stompers will lay a foundation for young people to take responsibility for themselves, budget their money, and set out on a voyage that will be remembered for a lifetime.

In Search of Adventure: A Wild Travel Anthology

$17.95 $13.87

By Bruce Northam & Brad Olsen This epic collection of 100 travelers’ tales celebrates the wild side of contemporary travel writing — revealing, humorous, sometimes naughty stories by acclaimed authors. “In Search of Adventure” features the roving prose of Simon Winchester, Tim Cahill, Marybeth Bond, Jeff Greenwald, Robert Young Pelton, Richard Bangs, Phil Trupp, Paul McHugh, Don George and Linda Watanabe McFerrin‚ & complemented by an eclectic gathering of characters including an Indian guru, a rock-n-roll Hall of Famer, a Manhattan horse-drawn carriage driver, a comedian, a shrink, a career surfer, a few actors and an anonymous, best-selling bad boy.

Extreme Adventures: Hawaii

$13.95 $8.37

By Brad Olsen All the best adventures of the Hawaiian Islands including extreme mountain biking, trekking, snowboarding, surfing, hang gliding, active volcano hiking, swimming with dolphins, paragliding, partying, zodiac rafting, windsurfing, and the best snorkeling and dive sites. Adrenaline junkies will love this book, packed with radical excursions to get your blood pumping, from paragliding off Haleakala Volcano to snowboarding Mauna Kea. Every adventure is rated on a risk and adrenaline scale. All the information you need to try them out is here. Addresses and numbers of outfitters, resources and organizations offering help.

Extreme Adventures: Northern California

$13.95 $8.37

By Brad Olsen An outdoor-lovers’ guide to the many exciting adventures in Northern California. Includes bungee jumping, ghost town adventures, ski resort ratings, rock climbing, trekking, skyboarding, hot springs, and many more extreme excursions! All the best adventures of Northern California including the regions of: the Northern Mountains; the North Coast; Wine Country; the Bay Area; Santa Cruz region; Gold Rush country; Sierra Nevada; Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.

Prehistoric Stone Chambers of New England

$19.95 $14.95

By Brad Olsen Over 200 mason-free chambers exist in New England, but what are they and who built them? Join us on a voyage of discovery as we explore the enigmatic chambers in Gungywamp, Connecticut; Upton, Massachusetts; and South Woodstock and South Royalton in Vermont.

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