Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet

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“A global awakening to the treacherous lies that have kept mankind enslaved and ignorant for millennia is now well underway. The quislings engaged in the coverup of corruption, scandal and subversion are shovelings and against the tide. Thanks, in no small measure, to modern day prophet Brad Olsen, their time and that of our odious overlords are at an end. Congratulations dear reader. By cracking open Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet, you have joined in this glorious restoration.” –Richard Syrett, Broadcaster, Guest-Host Coast to Coast AM



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Reviews of Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet

“A worldwide explorer makes a journey down the rabbit hole connecting the dots and leading us to the undeniable and inspiring conclusion, it’s all in our hands. The Future of Humanity is at stake and we hold the keys. Beyond Esoteric educates and enlightens.” –Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, author of REBEL GENE: Secret Space and the Future of Humanity

“This kind of brilliant work is what is needed more than anything in the World right now, to open up our eyes to what is really going on. Only deep research and material like this can give us greater awareness, help us to navigate these times with greater discernment and wisdom and help us to take our power back. If we don’t understand what we are up against, then we won’t be making choices based in clarity or true knowledge and this is what we as humans need in this critical time, where waking up can no longer be delayed. I highly recommend people read this. It is one of the greatest guide books out there that you will get!” –Laura Eisenhower, Author, Astrologer and International Speaker

“’Whoever controls the narrative controls the world.’ This is the powerful idea driving Brad Olsen’s masterful exposé of the deceptive narratives of Earth’s hidden controllers. He systematically lays out the complicity of the mass media in hiding the truth about ruthless population control mechanisms; the historic suppression of free energy; efforts to create an Orwellian New World Order; the existence of extraterrestrial life; and much more. In Beyond Esoteric, Brad provides wise counsel on how to navigate a path through the hidden controllers’ thicket of lies to reach a higher understanding and emancipation.” –Michael Salla, Ph.D. Author of Rise of the Red Dragon

* Brad Olsen
* 480 Pages
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Every chapter in the first two books of the “Esoteric Series” is an audiobook chapter on the CCC Publishing YouTube channel. Follow along with the first video from Modern Esoteric:



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