Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet (EBook)


“There are countless guides available today about strange mysteries and secret symbols, but few authors look beyond the surface of these subjects for greater meaning. In these information packed pages, Brad Olsen reveals a stunning guide to our Universe and a unified field theory of metaphysics. This is the result of his extensive research into the dark and mysterious world of the occult; leaving no stone unturned in his never-ending pursuit of hidden mysteries. Most importantly, this book proves that our ancestors possessed lost ancient technologies and that the sciences of today were once the esoteric knowledge of yesterday.” –Jonny Enoch, Esoteric Researcher, and Host on Gaia TV


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“As a truth seeker for decades, traveling the world to explore the mysteries of all time, Brad has dedicated his life to revealing that which lies beyond the veil of secrecy. In his third book of the Esoteric Series, Brad holds nothing back! He blows the lid off of the 3D matrix where the deception, delusion and disinformation of a deep, dark agenda have misled humanity for far too long. Gnosis will set us free from the ‘Prison Planet’ so together we can create a New Earth where truth, sovereignty, equality and unity prevail. Brad’s book, Beyond Esoteric, gives you the power of knowledge and the freedom from entrapment so you can transcend the matrix!” –Suzanne Ross, Creator of SciSpi.TV, Author of the Up! Trilogy and host of Transcend the Matrix on TFR

“Brad Olsen’s Esoteric Series ends with ‘esoteric tourism’ at its best with Beyond Esoteric, a cultural exploration into expanded consciousness, quantum mechanics, interdimensional awareness of the visible and the invisible, and much more. A compendium of the best in conspiracy research, you will find interesting anecdotes on the New World Order and all the various Illuminati groups that have generated it, some plausible, others outlandish, but all a part of today’s struggle to achieve a greater awareness in order to free ourselves from this prison planet.” –Leo Lyon Zagami, Author of the Confessions of an Illuminati series

Beyond Esoteric is a portal into the coveted knowledge of everything you ever wanted to know about how the world is controlled and by whom, but didn’t know where to look. Think, Cliff Notes, for world domination! Brad Olsen takes us on a journey into the lesser-known workings of globalization and control, explaining the mechanisms of implementation that we all unknowingly participate in. Control the public narrative and the people will compliantly follow. Within these pages is found the who’s who of neofascism, tracing its financial, political, and ideological roots from Europe to America, continuing at full throttle to the New World Order agendas of today. Chapter after chapter, the depth and complexities of the organizations, structures and methodologies used to control humankind are revealed. Where we come from and more importantly, where we are heading as a country, culture, people and planet is the revelation of this, Brad Olsen’s, finest work.” –Sid Goldberg, two-time Emmy Award winning Director



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* Brad Olsen

* 482 Pages
* 978-1888729757
Every chapter in the first two books of the “Esoteric Series” is an audiobook chapter on the CCC Publishing YouTube channel. Follow along with the first video from Modern Esoteric:



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