Prehistoric Stone Chambers of New England

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The mortar-free stone chambers of New England have long baffled historians and lay people alike. Scattered across a half dozen states in the northeastern USA are over 200 mysterious stone chambers. Were they “Indian sweat lodges,” “colonial root cellars,” or built by persons not recognized by conventional historians? Like no other, the “beehive” stone chambers of New England resemble the handiwork of visitors from distant shores. The Phoenicians, Vikings, and and most especially the Middle Age Culdee monks from across the Atlantic were the most probable builders. Join your host Brad Olsen on a voyage of discovery as he explores the chambers of South Woodstock and South Royalton in Vermont; the Upton Stone Chamber in Massachusetts; and the enigmatic Gungywamp site in Groton, Connecticut. 

Over 200 mason-free chambers exist in New England, but what are they and who built them? 

Join us on a voyage of discovery as we explore the enigmatic chambers in Gungywamp, Connecticut; Upton, Massachusetts; and South Woodstock and South Royalton in Vermont.

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