Intuitive Warrior: Lessons From A Navy SEAL On Unleashing Your Hidden Potential

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Using real-life examples, Michael Jaco explains how he tapped into his intuitive capabilities to predict attacks and protect his fellow soldiers. The Intuitive Warrior will instruct the reader on how to employ the methods perfected by a genuine military hero, and use this material to act as a catalyst toward developing a richer, more fulfilled life.

Author Brad Olsen writes in the Foreword to The Intuitive Warrior: “In this book, Michael Jaco recounts how his perceptive abilities were used not only to save his own life, but others on his SEAL team. Examples are how he used his intuitive instincts in avoiding roadside bombs and deadly ambushes in Iraq. Using his remote viewing abilities he helped track down fugitives like Panama’s Manuel Noriega, or deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. He describes how these are abilities we all have within us, and how we can access them if we know where to look.”

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A Navy SEAL Develops His Intuitive Abilities to Help the Armed Forces, and Demonstrates How Others Can Unleash Their Own Hidden Potential

From conflicts in Panama to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Navy SEAL Michael Jaco has employed his powers of perception and awareness to save his own life and those of his fellow SEALs. In The Intuitive Warrior, Michael Jaco recounts the mentally and physically demanding training required of members of one of the most elite Special Forces units, the SEAL Team Six, and how the intuition developed during that training can be learned and applied by anyone.


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