Extreme Adventures: Hawaii

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Extreme Adventures: Hawaii - Front Cover

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All the best adventures of the Hawaiian Islands including extreme mountain biking, trekking, snowboarding, surfing, hang gliding, active volcano hiking, swimming with dolphins, paragliding, partying, zodiac rafting, windsurfing, and the best snorkeling and dive sites. Adrenaline junkies will love this book, packed with radical excursions to get your blood pumping, from paragliding off Haleakala Volcano to snowboarding Mauna Kea. Every adventure is rated on a risk and adrenaline scale. All the information you need to try them out is here. Addresses and numbers of outfitters, resources and organizations offering help.


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Extreme Adventures: Hawaii

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Extreme Adventures: HawaiiBrad Olsen

238 Pages

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Extreme Adventures defined:

Extreme adventures are individual sports and outdoor activities, like rock climbing, parasailing, mountain biking, skyboarding, disc golf, and snowboarding, that contain a certain degree of risk and excite an adrenaline rush. Olsen, author of World Stompers (see below), surveys extreme adventures in Northern California and Hawaii. Each adventure, organized by region or island, is rated on a scale measuring the risk factor and the adrenaline rush. --Library Journal

Hawaii for Adventure Lovers

"Brad Olsen got his degree in Advertising and set out to conquer the world. After chilling in Lake Tahoe and Europe, he set sail for Maui, where he engaged in many of the endorphin-busting experiences he outlines in this book. But don't let the extreme reference scare you off. Although some of the activities are recommended 'for professionals only,' many can be managed by reasonably fit folks who are hardly suited for a decathlon. ... Olsen interjects a tad of humor here and there, navigating a Maui pub crawl and foraging for magic mushrooms in Maui's Hobbit Land area." --Oregonian