Extreme Adventures: Northern California

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An outdoor-lovers' guide to the many exciting adventures in Northern California. Includes bungee jumping, ghost town adventures, ski resort ratings, rock climbing, trekking, skyboarding, hot springs, and many more extreme excursions! All the best adventures of Northern California including the regions of: the Northern Mountains; the North Coast; Wine Country; the Bay Area; Santa Cruz region; Gold Rush country; Sierra Nevada; Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.

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Extreme Adventures: Northern California

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Extreme Adventures: Northern CaliforniaBrad Olsen

238 Pages



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A Degree in Adreneline-Pumping Adventures!

"Brad Olsen got his degree in Advertising and set out to conquer the world. After chilling in Lake Tahoe and Europe, he set sail for Maui, where he engaged in many of the endorphin-busting experiences he outlines in this book. But don't let the extreme reference scare you off. Although some of the activities are recommended 'for professionals only,' many can be managed by reasonably fit folks who are hardly suited for a decathlon. ... Olsen interjects a tad of humor here and there, navigating a Maui pub crawl and foraging for magic mushrooms in Maui's Hobbit Land area." --Oregonian

The Rush of Extreme Adventures!

Lazy sunsets and leisurely cruises are for milksops, according to Brad Olsen. The adrenaline rush is what he seeks, what he knows all about, and what he sets before you in Extreme Adventures Northern California. He tells you at the outset that his book is not for wimps or prima donnas as some degree of physical fitness is required, but just as important is a willing frame of mind. Each adventure, from rope swings to skyboarding, is rated for risk (Novice-Friendly to Professionals Only) and adrenaline (Kid's Stuff to Absolute Hairball), so you know from the get go what you'll be getting into. There are mellow activities like touring Gold Rush ghost towns, death-defying stunts like skiing Squaw Peak Chute, and low-risk, high-rush adventures like bungee jumping the Rubicon River. Olsen poo-poos the major lame excuses (like "the water is too cold" or "I'm afraid of sharks") and his enthusiasm and verve are infectious. --Amazon.com