Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations

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Your Spiritual Passport to Europe

The European continent features some of the original landscapes where humans erected their monuments devoted to the sacred. This guide to European holy sites examines the most significant locations that shaped the religious consciousness of Western civilization. Sacred Places Europe takes the reader far and wide, from Avebury to Wittenberg, to all corners of the continent. This travel guide examines the megaliths, mountains, sanctuaries, shrines, and maps the pilgrimage routes long venerated by our ancestors. Readers of all ages will marvel to the discovery of 108 meaningful sacred European destinations.


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Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations

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Sacred Places Europe: 108 DestinationsBrad Olsen

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European Megalithic Sites to ...

The great cathedrals of Europe enter into almost every transatlantic traveler's itinerary, whether or not they are religious. But long before the rise of Christianity, pilgrims were risking life and limb to visit places venerated since civilization's dawn. California author Brad Olsen, whose interest in the origins and power of sacred places has resulted in two previous books, takes travelers well off the beaten path in his latest, Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations. From early megalithic sites on pilgrimage routes of the Middle Ages and destinations visited by travelers seeking healing or spiritual inspiration today, the book sheds light on what all such places have in common: something larger than our own personal experience.
--SACRAMENTO BEE (July, 2007)

Lifetime of Travel

Taking a vacation to a sacred destination, a goal with meaning, is something San Francisco-based author Brad Olsen has been doing since he was a teenager. As is often the case of doing something we love, the love turns into what we do. Olsen's wanderlust led him to a career as an acclaimed travel writer. He is the author of the Sacred Places book series. His latest offering Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations is a crown jewel in the diadem. In the new book, Olsen‚'s travelogue style again is tempered with deep historical and metaphysical significance as he covers each place he visits. One of the book's most valuable aspects is its broad scope of destinations covered. The book is organized country-by-country and is a joy to read.
--THE READER (June, 2007)

Sacred Places series

The latest book in the series, Sacred Places Europe, follows in the tradition of Sacred Places Around the World and Sacred Places North America (2003). The new book is a detailed guide to 108 destinations in Great Britain, Ireland, France and the Low Countries, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Germany and the Alps, Greece, Italy and Malta, and the Iberian Peninsula.
The featured destinations are eclectic and offer something for everyone: For example, the Great Britain chapter has sections on "The Geoglyphs of Britain" and the Lindisfarne Ruins on the Northumbrian Coast, followed by a section on Liverpool and the Beatles (whose sacred status is based on John Lennon's comment that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus Christ"). As a bonus, the author includes a list of U.S.-based tour outfitters who specialize in sacred places or pilgrimages; the list includes Web addresses and phone numbers.

Sacred Landscapes

Throughout the book, there are sacred mountains, pilgrimage destinations and obscure Christian shrines. Olsen is the real thing: he has dedicated his life to spiritual exploration and has visited and contemplated in every one of these sites. No matter which countries you expect to visit on your next European trip, you will be informed and perhaps even spiritually uplifted by including one or more of this book's sacred sites in your journey. --DAILY HEARLD (April, 2007)

European Pilgrimmage

A guide to holy sites in Europe from stone avenues in Callanish, Scotland, to the Palace Chapel in Aachen, Germany; includes prehistoric sites as well as Christian shrines and pilgrimage destinations.
--FOREWORD (May, 2007)