“Body and Soul are individually served.” (Publishers Weekly 2/98)

“Should you be inspired to make a pilgrimage of your own, you might want to pick up a copy of Brad Olsen’s guide to 101 of the world’s sacred places. Olsen’s marvelous drawings and mysterious maps enhance a package that is as bizarre as it is wonderfully accessible. The historical data and metaphysical ruminations make it an intriguing read. So pick a mystical corner of the world, be it Mount Shasta, Delphi or Borabadur, and plan out a pilgrimage real or imagined among the Tungus shamans of Siberian Russia, the ghosts of Mohenjo-daro, the Muslim faithful at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, and more.” (San Francisco Examiner 1/9/2000)

“ … the ruins, mountains, sanctuaries, lost cities, and pilgrimage routes held sacred around the world.” (Book Passage 1/17/2000)

“For each site, Brad Olsen provides historical background, a description of the site and its special features, and directions for getting there.” (Theology Digest, Summer 2000)


“Unleash your imagination by going on a mystical journey. Brad Olsen gives his take on some of the most amazing and unexplained spots on the globe ­– including the underwater ruins of Bimini, which seem to point the way to Lost City of Atlantis. You can choose to take an armchair pilgrimage (the book is a fascinating read) or follow his tips on how to travel to these powerful sites yourself.” (Mode 7/2000)

“(Readers) will thrill to the wonderful history and the vibrations of the world’s sacred healing places.” (East & West 2/5/2000)

“Sites that emanate the energy of sacred spots.” (The Sunday Times 1/2000) 

“Sacred sites (to) the ruins, sanctuaries, mountains, lost cities, temples, and pilgrimage routes of ancient civilizations.” (San Francisco Chronicle 1/2000)

“Many sacred places are now bustling tourist and pilgrimage destinations. But no crowd or souvenir shop can stand in the way of a traveler with great intentions and zero expectations.” (Spirituality & Health, Summer 2000)