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CCC Publishing Announces Launch of “The Esoteric Series”

Award-winning author Brad Olsen, creator of World Stompers and the Sacred Places book series, announces release of the first installment of a thought-provoking new series: Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms, set to debut on December 21st, 2012. The second book in the Esoteric Series, Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses, will be released one year later.

A comprehensive alternative narrative, Future Esoteric explores the problems of modernity and offers us thought-provoking solutions. A rigorous tome designed to stimulate conversation among free thinkers and conspiracy theorists, educators and scientists, Olsen simultaneously questions the status quo, while presenting new perspectives on taboo topics such as free energy, UFOs, information distribution, and the science of consciousness. In a book that looks beyond the established models of knowledge, Olsen’s work is a blend of passion and poise as he explores the wisdom of mystics and modern thinkers in three sections: Secrets, Utopia, and Cosmos. An excerpt from the Introduction:

“If the contents of this book are true, it also presents a new dilemma, and that is, what then is our reality? For the purpose of this argument we will call everything that we have been told the ‘big lie.’ The big lie is an attack upon reality. It undermines and dissolves reality. It eventually undermines all of our social structures based on that false reality, until that reality just collapses. The big lie is very potent, and lately it is more and more difficult to counter. The power we need to counter the big lie is to have a true understanding of ourselves. The individual nature of our existence is the spiritual dignity of the human being. To deny the spirit of the individual and instead focus solely on materialism is to become trapped in the big lie. If we want to understand the nature of truth, we need to have incorruptible wisdom. We need to develop a new kind of human wisdom with all its varied aspects. To counter the big lie we need to have a true picture of the three-fold human being, that is the universal understanding of mind, body, and spirit. We also need to know who is spreading the big lie.”

Available January, 2013 through CCC Publishing in paperback and all e-book formats. CCC Publishing is distributed by Independent Publishers Group. The second installment of the series, Modern Esoteric is scheduled to be released in December, 2013. The website in development devoted to the book series is:

CCC Publishing Takes 1st Place Prize For “Sacred Places North America (2nd Ed)”

Brad Olsen gained the distinction of an “award-winning travel writer” title in February, 2010 when his travel book “Sacred Places North America (2nd ed.)” won the Bay Area Travel Writers top gold prize
award (First Place winner) for the 2010 Best Travel Book for the Planet Earth category.

Entertainment Today Reports from The Book Expo in Los Angeles:

Book Expo America: My Friends And Associates You can learn about a person by what that person does and what that person says. But you can also learn a lot about a journalist by the company he keeps. One of the great rewards in writing arts journalism, it seems, is to praise those who you admire with complimentary analysis. When the journalist has some kind of direct relationship with the subject, then it is obligatory to use the term “full disclosure.” While much of this column is generally reviewing, the time has come to simply honor good and talented friends and professional associates, so many of whom I ran into last weekend at the Book Expo America at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Then there is Brad Olsen (, publisher, author and the foremost expert on sacred sites around the world, who I in fact met years ago walking down a crowded BEA aisle. His second edition of Sacred Places North America: 108 Destinations is out and features not only his insights on little known places of pilgrimage and vision quests but his own photography and maps. Brad introduced me to another explorer of things both arcane and mystical, David Hatcher Childress whose World Explorers Club ( details his global journeys. Childress’ books can be found at Adventures Unlimited Press (, along with books on everything from ancient science and conspiracy and history to UFOs and Tesla technology. Gore Vidal said, “Every time a friend of mine succeeds, a little something inside of me dies.” I appreciate Vidal’s honesty and his work, but every time a friend of mine succeeds, without fostering a conflict of interest, I want to tell the world.

Click here to read an excerpt of Sacred Places Europe about Ireland’s Boyne Valley on a popular sacred sites website.

Joseph Campbell Foundation Endorsement:

Shortly after hearing news that the Chicago Field Museum and the J. Paul Getty Villa Museum bookstores began to carry titles from the Sacred Places: 108 Destinations series, author Karen Tate received news that the Joseph Campbell Foundation bookstore was also planning to carry her book. Below is their exuberant recommendation:
“I congratulate you on the concept, Karen, and on its execution. Pilgrimage is a neglected aspect of most contemporary Western religions; not only are you restoring that concept, but you’ve taken the Goddess out of the hallowed halls of academia, out of the abstract realms of the psyche, to locate Her in the physical world. Your book is well written, well-researched, and is a resource I’ll be consulting on a regular basis. What’s more, your work is a marvelous manifestation of what Joseph Campbell intends when he advises us to ‘Follow your bliss.’ Thank you for catching that spark and spreading the vision.” — Metaphorically Yours, Stephen Gerringer of the Joseph Campbell Foundation

L.A. Times on the Sacred Places series:

“Sacred Places (108 Destinations), published by the Consortium of Collective Consciousness in San Francisco, is part of a series of travel guides focusing on spiritual journeys. “People who frequently travel are looking for a little more in their journeys, rather than sitting around the pools sipping mai tais,” said founder Brad Olsen. His market research showed that most travelers will buy 2.4 travel books per vacation: an overall travel guide and a book that focuses on art or history or some other niche. “That means they buy their ‘Lonely Planet’ or ‘Let’s Go’ and then something else. That’s who we’re targeting,” he said.” — Los Angeles Times (Feb. 11th, 2006)