CCC Warehouse Photos

The year is 1997. Welcome to the CCC on How Weird Street in San Francisco! C’mon in …

Just beyond the front door, and the “OM” symbol written in the cement, things start getting weird!

On the other side of the front door, psychedelic art populates the artist space.

All art and altars become psychoactive when the black lights turn on …

A random collage of art on the outside of the Chill Pod (DJ Booth)

Hungry yet? Try a Li’l Snack. Sai Baba says: “Perfect after a B-Rip!”

The Living Room could be rearranged to become the Party Zone on an afternoon’s notice.

Looking out from the Chill Pod: Many a DJ’s point of view.

Paul Seymour after a shower. Om, my brother.

Jovis and Wil Sound. Pranksters ’till the end.

Nataie cleans some dishes.

Justin Orbit makes his way through Middle America.

The CCC social scene always moved to the kitchen around dinner time. Vegetarian meals only, please.

“Santosh” pets a colorful flower. Every psychedelic warehouse needs one!

Tim Todd Smith, aka DJ Fireheart.

“Jovishnu” traveled back to India for a dozen years making and selling didgeridoos.

Wil Sound between blinks.

Our house guardian cat “Tiwaz”.

The famous photo board in the kitchen. Some other roomates and various inspirations can be seen. P.S. — We love to attend Burning Man!

Libarache can be psychedelic too!

Inside our own little universe called the CCC …

And what would a psychedelic warehouse be without a “Wall of Knowledge?”