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Female Genital Mutilation/Human Trafficking, Carol Christ & Kali, Goddess of Social Justice on Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Greetings Friends, Take a peak at recent and upcoming guests and topics on Voices of the Sacred Feminine radio show....
11/26 -- Katya Miller -- Lady Freedom, Hidden in Plain Sight
12/3 -- Taine Bien Amie -- Female Genital Mutilation
12/10 -- Aaron Cohen -- The Slave Hunter: Human Trafficking
12/17 -- Zohara Hieronimous -- Kabbalah and the Female Prophets of Ancient Israel
12/24 -- Carol Christ -- Foremother of Goddess Spirituality

The Secret Life of Bees -- Goddess as the Black Madonna on the Hollywood Screen

Greeting s Friends,
I wanted to be sure to chime in on this wonderful jewel of a movie in case you haven't had time to see it, or haven't heard about it.

90 Days Toward A Paradigm Shift of Consciousness....Are We Witnessing a Tipping Point? The Personal & Political

Just as Mother Nature swept in during Hurricane Katrina exposing the sins of the Bush Administration, irresponsible politicians and greedy developers, perhaps Sophia was now holding up her mirror, reflecting to the masses the policies and deeds perpetrated at the highest echelons of power - at a time when we might affect change.

Goddess Perpetuations for Daily Living

1. I strive to be in service rather than in power. With service comes humility and care. With power comes corruption.
2. I strive to live in harmony with Nature.
3. I strive to employ kindness and compassion as well as ethics and integrity.

Priestessing Goddess Onto the World Stage; We Can No Longer Afford to be Invisible

As the Media Director of Temple of the Goddess, I recently accompanied its Foundress and Director, Xia, to a presentation hosted by a cable television network, Charter Media. Charter had put out a call to a diverse range of religious organizations in the city to invite them to participate in a new cable program they were initiating called Faith. As we sat there listening to the intention of Charter, to bring spiritually uplifting messages to the airwaves, from all religious corners of southern California, we realized our dream and vision, years in the making, might soon be a reality.